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Pilgrims to walk in footsteps of Henry V after his victory at Agincourt

A portrait of King Henry V by an unknown artist. Below, St Winefride's well

The king honoured the Welsh martyr St Winefride after placing himself under her protection

Cardinal Vincent Nichols has said we must act (PA)

Cardinal Nichols urges Britain to be ‘more generous’ to migrants

The cardinal gave an interview to ITV news last night about the growing migrant crisis

David Cameron addresses pupils at an assembly during a visit to Corby Technical School (Photo: PA)

Bishops’ agency ‘disappointed’ by faith cap for free schools

Catholic Church still effectively blocked from opening free schools thanks to admissions’ cap

Sign painters work on a portrait of Pope Francis on the side of a New York City office (AP)

Massive mural of Pope Francis to look out over New York

Huge picture is close to where Francis will celebrate Mass

Archbishop Charles Chaput of Philadelphia (Photo: AP)

Archbishop attacks Donald Trump’s ‘belligerent bombast’ on migrants

Archbishop Chaput says presidential candidate ‘plays on our worst fears and resentments’

Cyclists ride along the West Drive in New York's Central Park (PA)

Trip through Central Park added to Pope’s New York itinerary

The Pope will ride along the West Drive of the park on his way to celebrate Mass at Madison Square Garden

Painters work on a papal portrait on the side of a New York City office building (AP)

Morning Catholic must-reads: 03/09/15

A daily guide to what’s happening in the Catholic Church

A portrait of King Henry V by an unknown artist. Below, St Winefride's well

Pilgrims to walk in footsteps of Henry V after his victory at Agincourt

The king honoured the Welsh martyr St Winefride after placing himself under her protection

Pope Francis celebrates Mass at the Pontifical North American College in Rome (CNS)

Priests in America and Canada can already absolve women who had abortions

A spokesman said that priests across North America had already been granted permission

A Muslim man prays among pictures of slain Christians at Our Lady of Salvation church in Baghdad in 2010 (AP)

Cause of faithful killed in Baghdad cathedral to open next year

Forty-eight Catholics were killed in Our Lady of Salvation cathedral in 2010

Chief Rabbi Ephraim Mirvis (AP Photo/ Chris Jackson, Pool)

Pope to host Chief Rabbi at Vatican

Ephraim Mirvis will stress the importance of solidarity between the Jewish and Catholic faiths

The debate will take place on September 11 (PA)

Cardinal urges Catholics in England and Wales to speak out, ahead of assisted suicide debate

Cardinal Vincent Nichols said that assisted suicide is ‘contrary to human dignity’ in a statement yesterday

Pope Francis praised the mother's courage {AP)

Pope Francis praises courage of single mother who chose life

‘Don’t be ashamed, I congratulate you’, he tells woman in emotional conversation

Syrian refugees who have made it Europe. Many have not been so lucky (AP)

Do we need to see pictures of dead children?

Our response to such images could lead to more future misery

What's inside this week's Catholic Herald?

What’s inside this week’s magazine?

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A police officer stands in front of two Syrian families sitting besides a road after coming from Austria to Germany (AP Photo/Matthias Schrader)

We have chosen cheap plumbers over persecuted families

Britain should copy Ireland, keep its opt-out of a common EU asylum policy, and accept more refugees

The spectacular Room 50a at the Victoria and Albert Museum in London

This room will destroy your prejudices about the medieval world

No one who visits the Victoria and Albert Museum’s Room 50A will leave thinking the Middle Ages were backward

MPs will debate a Bill legalising assisted suicide in Britain on September 11 (PA)

The truth assisted suicide supporters won’t face

The champions of the Assisted Dying Bill are desperately hoping that Britons
will remain ignorant of the euthanasia horror stories emerging from Europe

A scene featuring a rally in Mexico

Film review: Cartel Land

Cartel Land doesn’t make for comfortable viewing, and rightly so

For many of the SVP’s 80,000 beneficiaries, the charity is their only source of hope in desperate situations (SVP)

For thousands of people in the UK, St Vincent De Paul Society is their only source of hope

The SVP is holding an awareness campaign entitled “Happy Families?” this month

Nero, depicted by 19th century artist Henryk Siemiradzki

How Rome lost its virtue

An entertainment new history of the first five Caesars contains a serious message about how political morality dies

Raphael's The Miraculous Draught of Fishes

MAGNIFICAT: The week ahead

How to get more from Magnificat, the daily spiritual life companion

Pope Francis listens to a confession in St Peter's Basilica (PA)

Francis has made it clear that the Jubilee of Mercy will be a time for confession

What is immediately interesting about the Pope’s letter ahead of the Year of Mercy is the old-fashioned nature of his concerns

Dr Oliver Sacks, receiving his CBE by Queen Elizabeth II in 2008

Oliver Sacks had a memorable insight into what it was to stay human ‘in the face of unimaginable adversity’

The neurologist and author maintained a deep reverence for all those he cared for

A statue of Mary stands amid homes destroyed by fire after Hurricane Sandy struck New York (CNS)

Why do statues of Our Lady survive disasters?

A house fire once destroyed all the holy objects in my bedroom – except one