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Pope’s words ‘a source of great pain’ for abuse survivors, says cardinal

Cardinal O'Malley implicitly rebukes Francis for accusing victims of ‘slander’ against bishop

Morning Catholic must-reads: 22/01/18

A daily guide to what’s happening in the Catholic Church

Pope Francis decries violence against women

Holy Father urges Peruvians to fight scourge of ‘femicide’

Pope’s words ‘a source of great pain’ for abuse survivors, says cardinal

Cardinal O’Malley implicitly rebukes Francis for accusing victims of ‘slander’ against bishop

Pope Francis calls for Church with ‘Amazonian and indigenous’ face

On the first day of his visit to Peru, the Pope called on governments to respect indigenous rights

Donald Trump: US abortion laws ‘wrong’ and ‘have to change’

The US President said the ‘honoured and really proud’ to address the March for Life

Manchester parish handed to Ordinariate

The Manchester Ordinariate Mission will take over responsibility for St Margaret Mary parish in New Moston

Demand for exorcisms rising ‘exponentially’ in Ireland, priest warns

A leading exorcist says he is ‘baffled’ Church leaders are not taking action

Vatican adviser: pray for Justin Trudeau’s conversion over abortion policy

A Canadian government programme now requires churches to support abortion if they are to receive funding

President Trump acts to protect conscience rights of health workers

Trump administration sets up new office to champion health workers whose religious freedom has been violated

Catholics prefer ritual and consistency at Mass, study suggests

New hymns and the responsorial psalm are particularly unpopular, the study found

Pope Francis clashes with abuse survivors over bishop

The Pope said allegations against Bishop Barros were ‘calumny’

VIDEO: Pope Francis comforts policewoman thrown from horse

The policewoman’s horse was startled by the popemobile


The March for Life is what a major political force looks like

There is a long way to go. But Friday’s event showed how far pro-lifers have come

The Catholic priest who was Robert Louis Stevenson’s spiritual father

Stevenson, a Presbyterian, recognised that Fr Damien was not simply kind or public-spirited but that he was holy

What’s really behind the push for ‘buffer zones’?

The abortion lobby is running scared. No wonder it’s targeting pro-lifers

The unorthodox nuns who taught Meghan Markle

Meghan Markle was educated by the Immaculate Heart Sisters of California – as I was. But the religion we were taught was quite different

What has the BBC done to Father Brown?

Chesterton’s clerical detective seems to have converted to Unitarianism

Liberalism is the child of Christianity. So why are Catholics turning against it?

In our age of extremes, some Catholics seem eager to attack liberalism. The implications are worrying

Profile: Damian Hinds, the Catholic being tipped as a future prime minister

The new Education Secretary voted for same-sex marriage. But he could be the man who lifts restrictions on Catholic schools

We should force criminals to confront their moral failings

A former prison psychiatrist condemns the culture of ‘therapy’ around rehabilitation

Churchill’s cardinal: why Arthur Hinsley deserves to be better known

As the war hung in the balance, Cardinal Hinsley urged Churchill to carry on fighting Hitler

Three months after the murder of Daphne Caruana Galizia, her voice is still important

Since her murder, ‘DCG’ has been deservedly hailed as a heroic journalist

Bishop Egan: Why churches should stay unlocked and open to all

A locked church deprives people of a chance to visit the Lord

The extraordinary power of a 500-year-old arm

St Francis Xavier’s arm is touring Canada