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Cardinal Müller: bishops should not give ‘contradictory interpretations’ of doctrine

Cardinal Müller said that nobody could alter the way the sacraments work

Cardinal Müller: bishops should not give ‘contradictory interpretations’ of doctrine

Cardinal Müller said that nobody could alter the way the sacraments work

France bans pro-life websites that do not ‘openly state’ they are pro-life

Pro-lifers who seek to influence women on abortion could now face two years in jail

Migrants aren’t a danger to Europe but a ‘challenge to grow’, says Pope Francis

Francis made the comments during a trip to the Roma Tre university

Remains of first bishop of Tasmania to be returned to Australia

Bishop Robert Willson had been buried in Nottingham, England, but his remains were exhumed this week

Possible 2017 release for Terrence Malick film on Catholic martyred by the Nazis

Radegund tells the story of Blessed Franz Jägerstätter

Pakistani Catholics now living in the US describe flight from persecution

They fled their home in the middle of the night after militants demanded they convert to Islam

US Catholic bishops urge Trump to protect religious liberty

‘President Trump can ensure that we are not forced from the public square,’ say US Church leaders

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A daily guide to what’s happening in the Catholic Church

Need for Catholic health care has never been greater, says cardinal

Cardinal Raymond Burke says it’s a ‘beacon of light’ in a society confused about fundamental truths

You are a sign of hope, Pope tells athletes at the Special Olympics

Pope Francis sent a message ahead of the Special Olympics World Winter Games next month

Coptic Christian teacher shot dead in Egypt

Gamal Tawfiq, 50, was shot in the head by two militants on a motorbike who followed him as he walked from home to work

Cathedral organist is first Western musician to play in Syria since start of war

‘The moment will be forever in my heart,’ said Eugenio Maria Fagiani


If Catholics are not faithful to doctrine, we will face Anglican-style divisions

Those proposing change have not shown how it can be reconciled with Scripture, Tradition and the Magisterium

Are you treating food like a Christian – or like a modernist?

A wonderful new book reminds us that food is not just matter, but is a gift from God

The world’s biggest charity


No one helps the poor more than the Church. Here’s the evidence

Will the nun who saved my life be canonised?

My recovery from a ‘flesh-eating bug’ amazed nurses and defied medical explanation

I’m taking no chances with hell

What if Dante was right?

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Take a look inside this week’s Catholic Herald

The Church is now in a full-blown civil war over doctrine

Cardinal Coccopalmerio’s book is only the latest example of Catholic teaching being questioned

The Catholic journalist who embraced the Cross

Donna-Marie Cooper O’Boyle’s autobiography is a story where God put saints in her path to sustain her

Euthanasia’s march Down Under

A coalition of academics, journalists and celebrities is trying to convince Australians that legalisation is ‘overdue’. But we’re fighting back

The Pope’s council have given him their ‘full support’. Translation: trouble is brewing

The Pope faces criticisms, including over his handling of the abuse crisis

How an Anglican explained where Catholic parishes are going wrong

An email from an Anglican gave me pause for thought

Robert Rauschenberg: the artist whose echo resounds in countless galleries today

His masterpieces remind us what we have still yet to surpass