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Thousands sign petition calling for Richard III to have a Catholic burial

Philippa Langley with the face of Richard III (Photo: PA)

Petition is organised by historians whose efforts led to the discovery of the king's remains

Francis walks past members of the Roman Rota at the start of the Vatican's judicial year (AP)

I wish marriage annulment process could be free of charge, says Pope Francis

Pontiff addresses members of the Roman Rota at start of the Vatican’s judicial year

Pope Francis: 'Maintaining humility in service is not easy' (AP)

Pope urges new cardinals not to let nomination go to their heads

Francis says worldly celebrations intoxicate ‘more than grappa on an empty stomach’

Archbishop Bernard Longley (Photo: Mazur/

Archbishop: striving for Christian unity is not merely ‘an option’ for Catholics

Archbishop Longley says Catholic life is ‘missing something’ without it

Philippa Langley with the face of Richard III (Photo: PA)

Thousands sign petition calling for Richard III to have a Catholic burial

Petition is organised by historians whose efforts led to the discovery of the king’s remains

Chiara Lubich, the 88-year-old founder of the Focolare movement (CNS)

Cause of Focolare’s founder to open in Italy

Chiara Lubich died in March 2008

MPs are trying to clarify the law on sex-selective abortion (PA)

MPs seek to outlaw sex-selective abortion

Seventy-three MPs have tabled an amendment to the Serious Crime Bill

Archbishop Ganswein with Pope Francis (Photo: CNS)

Archbishop Gänswein: no disagreement between two popes on Communion for remarried

Prefect of the papal household gives candid interview about Pope Francis and Benedict XVI

Displaced Christians pray at the St Joseph Cathedral in Ankawa, Erbil, northern Iraq (Photo: CNS)

Nuncio says Christians could return to northern Iraq this year

The archbishop says a big challenge is to rebuild trust between Christians and Muslims

A statue of Mary stands outside the tents of displaced Christians in Erbil, Iraq (CNS)

Morning Catholic must-reads: 22/01/15

A daily guide to what’s happening in the Catholic Church

Cardinal O'Malley at a Mass at the US-Mexico border last year (Photo: CNS)

Cardinal urges pro-life movement to be ‘a field hospital, not Judge Judy’

Pro-lifers must overcome indifference with love, says Cardinal O’Malley at March for Life vigil

Pope Francis (CNS)

‘War can never be waged in God’s name’, says Pope

Francis prays for victims of violent protests and targeted attacks against the Church in Niger

The Telegrah reported that many babies were being aborted just for being girls

Now is the time to phone your MP about sex-selective abortion

A Bill seeking to ban the practice is not being supported by the Government – so MPs will have to fight for it

Stefan Zweig in an undated photo (Photo: PA)

Why did Stefan Zweig choose suicide when he had the chance of a new life in exile?

Without religious faith to sustain him he felt he had nothing left to live for

Statues of saints overlook St Peter’s Square as the sun sets (CNS)

No, the Jesuits didn’t start World War I

We laugh at ludicrous anti-Catholic conspiracies. But we underestimate how many minds they poison, thanks to the latest developments in digital technology

Armed French police patrol an area north of Paris after the Paris shootings (PA)

The best way to disarm terrorists

What makes a jihadist and an IRA leader lay down their weapons? Not tough new anti-terror laws that offer us a false sense of security

Cardinal Raymond Burke (CNS)

The Church can’t flourish without fathers

Cardinal Burke was ridiculed for saying men are repelled by a ‘feminised’ Church. But he grasps that fathers have a huge influence over whether children grow up to be Mass-goers

Chief Rabbi Ephraim Mirvis and David Cameron at last year's Holocaust Memorial Day (AP)

As Catholics let us show our solidarity with Jews

That Britain might not be safe for Jews is a truly disturbing thought

Pope Francis held a press conference on the way home from the Philippines (PA)

It’s hard not to take the Pope’s remarks about big families personally

Pope Francis told reporters that Catholics don’t have to be ‘like rabbits’

Mark Rylance as Thomas Cromwell in the BBC adaptation of Wolf Hall

Admiring Thomas Cromwell is a respectable way of expressing anti-Catholic feeling

Hilary Mantel’s Wolf Hall propagates the myth that Britain became great once it had ditched Catholicism

An elderly Yazidi in front of the Sharaf al-Deen temple shrine (PA)

A significant study of the world’s disappearing communities

Gerard Russell’s new book poses the question, what can we learn from the variety of religious beliefs found in the Middle East?

Pope Francis hugs 12-year-old Glyzelle Palomar (PA)

Pope Francis in the Philippines: Five emotional moments

There were a number of memorable and touching moments during the papal visit

Pope Francis holds up a medallion of St Therese of Lisieux after answering questions from the media aboard his flight to Manila (CNS)

Pope Francis and St Thérèse: a surprising devotion?

The Pope was given a framed image of the Little Flower during his flight from Sri Lanka to the Philippines

'Until the rule of law is respected, then places like the Philippines will continue to be corrupt' (PA)

What the Church must do to help the poor

Corruption in the Third World and the break down of family life in the UK contribute to the blight of global poverty