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Hundreds of Egyptian Christians flee city after attacks by Islamists

A priest says 1,000 Christians have fled, with some receiving threats on their mobile phones

Hundreds of Egyptian Christians flee city after attacks by Islamists

A priest says 1,000 Christians have fled, with some receiving threats on their mobile phones

Bishops ask for world’s help to stop famine in South Sudan

The country’s bishops have appealed for ‘immediate and unconditional’ intervention

First books of the Bible show God’s love for humanity, says Francis

The Pope told Jewish scholars that the Torah showed ‘paths of goodness [that we] must walk together’

Football, like life, requires thinking of others, Pope tells Villarreal team

Pope Francis met Villarreal ahead of their cup match in Rome

Egyptian Christian shot dead by militants in front of his wife and child

The murder – the sixth in less than a month – comes after ISIS promised to step up its attacks

Morning Catholic must-reads: 24/02/17

A daily guide to what’s happening in the Catholic Church

Jesus is severe with Christians who lead a double life, says Francis

Their lives cause scandal, the Pope said, and lead people to say ‘it would be better to be an atheist’

Attacks on Congolese churches are an ‘attempt to sabotage peace’, says cardinal

Cardinal Laurent Monsengwo says churches are being ‘deliberately targeted’ by violence

The papal almoner goes on a shopping spree in earthquake-hit central Italy

Mgr Konrad Krajewski will donate his shopping bags – filled with cheese and prosciutto – to soup kitchens in Rome

US bishop who was a refugee defends Trump’s travel ban

Bishop Bawai Soro said he and most of his fellow Iraqi refugees were happy to wait years to reach America

Second Catholic diocese to support a refugee family from Syria

The family will stay in a property owned by the Archdiocese of Cardiff

Cardinal Coccopalmerio: my Communion guidance wouldn’t apply to gay couples

Cardinal Coccopalmerio said that in Church teaching, ‘it’s not a natural condition’


Lessons from a New Age devotee who became a Catholic

The Church is engaged in a spiritual battle, says Roger Buck – and, in the West at least, it is losing

Sorry, Fr Sosa, but we must take Jesus literally on marriage

The Church has been ‘discerning’ about Christ’s teaching for two millennia. There is only one possible conclusion

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A beautiful Church for the poor


Post-Vatican II ugliness coincided with a collapse in the Church’s ministry to the marginalised. When beauty returns, so will Catholicism’s universal appeal

An Ash Wednesday I’ll never forget

I decided there was no hell aged 12. Years later, I found myself transfixed by a plea for intercession by an agnostic

Why Christians should embrace Philip Pullman

We have more in common with him than he might care to admit

Four questions for Cardinal Coccopalmerio

The cardinal should be asked whether his book violates ancient Church teaching

What Babette’s Feast teaches us about the Eucharist

At the Eucharistic Feast we are unworthy and unappreciative guests

How Christian are the Trumps?

Donald and Melania Trump are Christians who seem to occupy a grey area between churches

If Catholics are not faithful to doctrine, we will face Anglican-style divisions

Those proposing change have not shown how it can be reconciled with Scripture, Tradition and the Magisterium

Are you treating food like a Christian – or like a modernist?

A wonderful new book reminds us that food is not just matter, but is a gift from God

The world’s biggest charity


No one helps the poor more than the Church. Here’s the evidence