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The suffering and suicides of people abused by clergy ‘weigh on my heart’, Francis said

The charter aims to provide a thorough summary of the Church’s position on affirming the absolute value of life

The Pope continued his series of messages on hope at this week’s general audience

Once President Trump’s ‘travel ban’ is lifted, refugees fleeing to America due to religious persecution will be prioritised

The devil ‘wages war’ when he sees Christians drawn towards Jesus, the Pope said at morning Mass

Cheryl Tobin was blessed by the Pope during a general audience in May

Say ‘no’ to hatred and violence and ‘yes’ to fraternity and reconciliation, urges Pontiff

Barbara Jatta has been serving as vice-director of the museums since June

The Vatican has released the Pontiff’s annual message for the World Day of Peace

France’s diversity should be regarded as an opportunity to build a better world, Francis said