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Archbishop John Quinn had called for major reforms to the Curia and College of Cardinals for the sake of Christian unity

Bishop Joseph Absi succeeds Patriarch Gregoire III Laham, who resigned last month

Nearly 70 priests resigned in protest at Bishop Hubertus Leteng

Fingerprints of the accused had been found on the glass case protecting the reliquary

A note in the bishop’s car indicated he had committed suicide, but investigators later found signs of torture on his body

The Diocese of Orlando held a prayer service a year on from shooting that left 49 people dead

The bank held assets worth 5.7 billion euros at year’s end, which included deposits and investments from close to 15,000 clients

Bishop Jean-Marie Benoit Bala of Bafia disappeared last week

Cardinal Daniel DiNardo condemned the “sinister attacks on innocent men and women in the heart of London”

The Pope said the charismatic movement was not ‘Catholic’ but ecumenical