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‘Please, Mass is not a show. It is going to encounter the Passion, the resurrection of the Lord’

The Association of Catholic Priests say the sessions are in response to demand from members

Students at Georgetown University complained that the group promoted ‘hate’

‘We stand in unity with you in this time of terrible tragedy – as you stand on holy ground, ground marred today by horrific violence’

Nicholas Black Elk was a renowned catechist who melded his Lakota culture with Christian life

‘It grieves me deeply that we must again respond to such acts of terror,’ the head of the US bishops’ conference said.

The Archbishop of Barcelona said he loved the region ‘as well as the Spain and Europe we belong to’

The Supreme Knight congratulated the Trump administration for by-passing the UN

Fr Patrick Desbois has identified more than 600 mass killing sites

‘Paradise is the embrace of God, infinite love, and we enter thanks to Jesus who died on the cross for us,’ said Pope Francis