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No Georgian Orthodox bishops attend Mass in Georgian capital

Francis says Catholics and Orthodox must ‘rise above the misunderstandings of the past’

More than 230,000 people are still displaced by conflict over control of South Ossetia

Francis asks Jesus to free humanity from ‘every division and evil’

A three-day meeting on the subject was hosted by the Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith

The election of a successor to Fr Adolfo Nicolas is expected to take place in the coming weeks

Such actions mean a bishop must intervene before a person can be ordained, according to a new document

The changes, brought in after 15 years of study, are to help Eastern Christians living in Latin-majority lands

In a book-length interview Benedict XVI says he was ‘more of a professor’ while Francis was a ‘man of practical reform’

Vatican State Secretary Cardinal Pietro Parolin (AP Photo/Stefano Rellandini, Pool)

Cardinal Pietro Parolin said there said there are ‘many hopes and expectations for new developments’ in diplomacy