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Ed West

Ed West

Ed West is the deputy editor of the Catholic Herald and author of The Silence of Our Friends: The Extinction of Christianity in the Middle East.

The saint who ruled England

St Edward the Confessor's Westminster Abbey

St Edward the Confessor (October 13) built Westminster Abbey and was the first to have the ‘royal touch’

Top Catholic school penalised by Ofsted in anti-extremism drive

The school was marked down for failing to have its curriculum on its site

High-achieving school is told its pupils show ‘less awareness of the dangers of extremism’

Your children will ask you what you did to defend life, says bishop

Bishop Mark Davies of Shrewsbury (Mazur/

Bishop Mark Davies urges faithful at Walsingham to take up ‘the cause of life’

Christian-hating jihadists are poised to eliminate the Church in Iraq

Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant fighters in Fallujah (AP)

Mosul, Iraq’s second city, is now free of Christians for the first time in 1,800 years

Cardinal Nichols prays for peace with Israeli and Palestinian ambassadors

Vincent Nichols invited the two men to pray for peace

The two men came to Archbishop’s House following Pope Francis’s trip to the Holy Land

Pope Francis knew what he was doing when he stopped to pray at Israel’s separation barrier

Francis prays at the separation barrier on his way to a Mass in Manger Square, Bethlehem (Photo: PA)

The Holy Father understands symbolism, and will realise the pressure he has put on Israel

Is anyone really that bothered by Britain being called a Christian country?

Cameron: does do God (PA)

David Cameron’s comments seem to have irritated some high-profile atheists, but no imams

David Cameron already is doing something for persecuted Christians – making their plight worse

The Monastery of Mar Sarkis in Maaloula, recently recaptured by the Syrian Army (CNS)

Britain’s foreign policy does nothing to help the persecuted Church

Dutch Jesuit priest in Homs killed

Fr van der Lugt with Syrian civilians in January

Fr van der Lugt had chosen to stay in beseiged, starving city