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Many see the push for ‘reform’ as a way for one small group to seize control from another

Cardinal Müller’s letter is a small but significant step. Canonically speaking, there’s no need to panic

The curia remains a place where cliques have more authority than the law. It doesn’t bode well

Unless the Pope formally abrogates the Order’s rights, no Vatican department can investigate the Order – and certainly not the Secretariat of State

The Order of Malta, like the Vatican, is a sovereign body. For one to investigate the other is simply incoherent

The furore caused by Misericordia et Misera is a damning indictment of those surrounding the Pope

Many of us voted through gritted teeth. We need to invest our time and effort on building an alternative

The failure of both political parties presents Church leaders with a unique opportunity to speak for the concerns of Americans

Some of the new names will raise eyebrows, but this isn’t the coup some believe it to be

Large communities of Eastern Catholics have left their homes. This motu proprio will help preserve their culture