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Criminalising drugs is a statist policy does more harm than good

The European Court has confirmed once again that everything does not go

The ship, a symbol of magnificent human endeavour, was, like all human endeavours, bound to perish

Mormons live exemplary lives but their religion has nothing to do with Christianity

A scene from Mel Gibson's The Passion of the Christ (CNS)

The Crucifixion is a historical certainty. So how do atheists explain it?

Watching the deaf members of the congregation is moving and informative

St Thomas Aquinas was not proving the existence of God as you would a piece of furniture. He was testing whether the concept of God made philosophical sense

The standard of debate has declined rapidly since the age of Bertrand Russell. It’s up to Catholics to restore intelligence to the God debate

The pile of rubbish covering Britain represents a real moral failure

Last night’s television drama portrayed the Edwardians in a totally false light