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The only successful way to combat the resurgence of Islam would be the rediscovery and resurrection of Christianity

Other Churches may quibble about a time when a baby is ‘less’ than human, but the Feast of the Annunciation tells it like it is

Greene understood the human condition in a way that secular novelists cannot

Mother Angelica overcame her ‘traumatic childhood’ through faith, not psychotherapy

She never had any children, but as a dormitory mistress she lavished her maternal gifts on us

Jim Malia was inspired by Belloc’s outspoken Catholicism

It is customary when a person dies to pray that they will “rest in peace”

Notre Dame’s recent history shows what happens when a supposedly Catholic university puts academic prestige above its religious ethos

To truly understand evil we must accept that we are fully responsible for our actions

The 1980 law was insanely cruel. Now it turns out to have been unnecessary