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Francis Phillips

Francis Phillips

Francis Phillips reviews books for the Catholic Herald.

Christian formation is the very opposite of indoctrination

Richard Dawkins has been usurped by a new breed of nuanced atheists

Richard Dawkins’s latest outburst reveal a lack of understanding about religion

There’s certainly an ‘end times’ feel to today

St Peter's on the day of Pope Benedict XVI's resignation (CNS)

Prophecies about the end of the world have always been popular, but the current climate is fertile ground

Our bishops should do more to promote the Church’s teaching on marriage and family

Photo: PA

The common good depends on stable marriages open to life

IVF may have brought joy – but it’s also brought misery and ended lives

The IVF process Ben Birchall/PA Wire/Press Association Images

With Sir Robert Edwards’s death we should still remember that ‘playing God’ brings problems

Poles will always be grateful for Thatcher

Radek Sikorski, Poland's Foreign Minister Photo: Press Association

Radek Sikorski, Poland’s Minister of Foreign Affairs has described Thatcher’s fight against Communism as a “moral inspiration”

The Iron Lady reminds me of pontiffs past and present

Baroness Thatcher (Photo: PA)

Margaret Thatcher had her critics, Pope Francis can expect to have his too

Thatcher’s role in defeating Communism was her greatest legacy

Reagan and Thatcher in 1984 (AP Photo/Pool/Bill Rountree)

Along with President Reagan she helped to create a free Poland

What do we hope for in heaven? Home

Heaven, as imagined in Baltimore CNS

It won’t be endless beer and jazz in the afterlife

Even if he had to announce the Second Coming Vatican spokesman Fr Lombardi would keep his cool

Vatican spokesman Fr Federico Lombardi: as cool as a cucumber (AP)

Both Fr Lombardi and Pope Francis have the Jesuit gift of remaining calm under fire

Catholics should be more like Michael Coren and less like Joe Biden

Pope Francis greets US Vice President Joe Biden and his sister, Valerie Biden Owens, at the Vatican

The British Canadian writer is unapologetic about his faith and we should follow his lead