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Francis Phillips

Francis Phillips

Francis Phillips reviews books for the Catholic Herald.

Is our civilisation changing as drastically as it did during the Reformation?

Kenneth Clark presents Civilisation in 1969

In 200 years a latter-day Kenneth Clark might look on our society as a singular historical period that has passed away

The Belgian priest who invented the Big Bang theory shows up the modern canard about faith and science

Mgr Georges Lemaître chats to Albert Einstein in California in 1932 (Photo: PA)

The father of cosmology was wedded to science and the Church

The Southampton priest was right to ban yoga classes

No yoga here Chris Ison/PA Wire

Yoga is more than just exercise

The push for marriage ‘equality’ is leading to less tolerance, not more

Campaigners in Maryland before a state vote on marriage (Photo: PA)

‘Hate crimes’ are being investigated on all sides

The growing McCarthyism of the equality movement

Nick Clegg, whose office referred to opponents of SSM as 'bigots'

The gay marriage debate has turned unpleasant both here and in the US

A new generation of young men and women in China are challenging their country’s one-child policy

Newborn babies at a hospital in Shandong province, eastern China (Photo: PA)

The internet is making it impossible for Chinese authorities to keep their shameful policy away from international scrutiny

Sarah Catt needs psychiatric help more than punishment

The case of the woman jailed for killing her unborn child has raised some disturbing questions

Archbishop Chaput is an inspiring example for his priests and faithful

Archbishop Chaput at a press conference (Photo: CNS)

He has sold his £6m residence and is living among students at St Charles Borromeo seminary. Lay members of the Church need men like him

Can beauty lead to truth?

Michelangelos Pietà

Art can save your soul – providing pride does not get in the way

Could abortion cost Obama the election?

Obama 2012

Polls show the president to be out of touch with the American public