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Francis Phillips

Francis Phillips

Francis Phillips reviews books for the Catholic Herald.

Is it too late to save marriage?

Gay Marriage Amendment

The census showed a disturbing trend away from the institution

There has been no debate on gay marriage – that’s why people are so angry about it

Opinion poll

The Government has handled this issue extraordinarily badly

Despite secularisation, Ireland remains repulsed by legalised abortion

Pro-life protestors at a vigil in Dublin

A deeply pious and conformist Catholic country has become a secular one

Nine out of 10 unborn children found to have Down’s syndrome are aborted. The price of this tragedy is high

Now the Liverpool Care Pathway, it seems, is being applied to babies with severe long-term disabilities

The Church should not be ashamed of its missionary past

Mideast Egypt Syria

Why are liberal Catholics so self-righteous about the Church in Africa?

How to respond to a young friend who has come under Dawkins’s spell

Atheist advertising campaign launched

Neuroscientist Baroness Susan Greenfield makes an interesting critique of “scientism”

The Pope has no power to change the nature of the priesthood. It’s hard for non-Catholics to understand this

The Venerable English College in Rome (Photo: Mazur/

The Church is not against women priests ‘because the Pope says so’

As a Catholic, the Church of England’s troubles sadden me

Vote on female bishops

And we should not think we are immune from such problems

The facts of Savita’s tragic death are still elusive

Tributes to Savita in Dublin (Photo: PA)

The answers will be harder to find if Savita’s husband and her family decide not to co-operate with the investigation

Congratulations to the Queen and the Duke of Edinburgh. Today they mark 65 years of marriage


They are an example to follow but also a splendid and royal rebuke to our times