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St Louis de Montfort believed that the Rosary was the most powerful weapon against evil that Christians could employ

Along with The Diary of a Country Priest, Gertrud von le Fort’s The Wife of Pilate is one of my desert islands books

Acedia was first identified by a Desert Father – perils to the soul haven’t changed much over the centuries

A new biography makes it clear that St Joan was not a hysteric or mentally unbalanced

A new book shows that merciful priests who don’t water down the truth are vital for the Church

The idea of old age as the last stage in the journey to God is a source of great hope

The L’Arche founder is a deserving winner of the Templeton Prize

If only Fr Theodore Hesburgh, the late president of Notre Dame, had fully grasped the ideals of his hero Cardinal Newman

A new book shows that Blessed John Henry Newman was a man of action and an indefatigable administrator

Fr George William Rutler gives the parables their bite back in his erudite and witty Hints of Heaven