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It’s not wrong to make children learn more of the bard

Just before his retirement Emeritus Pope Benedict XVI made a small but significant change to the wording in the rite of Baptism

In the UK today people of a truly conservative persuasion do not have a voice or a political party to represent them

His statue could be erected in Fleet Street as a reminder that the not quite pukka occupation of journalism is still a fit occupation for a saint

The Bible is not simply one of the finest achievements of our culture; it is also the word of God

Popular secular psychology has infiltrated and usurped traditional Catholic spirituality on how we should regard the human person

Is it ever right to commit such violence?

Enda Kenny’s abortion law will put Catholic institutions on a collison course with the state

For every anti-human academic we need a moral midwife

For the sake of a quiet life how often are we prepared to let things pass that we know to be wrong?