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The debate on sex selection has put the abortion lobby on the back foot

We have taken this institution for granted for too long. Now the Coalition is showing how vital and precious it is

It’s hypocritical to believe abortion is a right and yet be scandalised by who gets aborted and who doesn’t

Its wraparound child care system is a dangerous social experiment that has damaged family life

Last night’s ‘Catholics’ was a worthwhile and sensitive portrayal of seminary life, devoid of sensationalism

To acknowledge its past Britain must commemorate Catholic martyrs alongside its war heroes

Before her death from breast cancer the Catholic mother-of-seven devoted her life to life

How Stalin became a Catholic

The dictator’s daughter Svetlana, who died last November, converted to the faith after a long correspondence with a priest

Clive Bone’s success at the High Court shows that Britain has started to lose its Christian identity

As a mother whose Down’s syndrome daughter made her First Communion I object to the language of rights entering Christ’s Church