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Doctors get to work in an operating theatre (PA)

What does cryonics mean to those of us who believe in an afterlife?

The future Pope washes the feet of addicts at a rehabilitation centre in Buenos Aires (AP)

Book review: retreat, or surrender, is the worst possible response to a secular world

The Last Judgment by Stefan Lochner (c 1410–1451)

Review: Afterlife by Philip C Almond

A 17th-century Japanese painting of the Christian martyrs of Japan

Book review: Christ’s Samurai by Jonathan Clements

A shrine in Auriesville, New York, dedicated to three martyred Jesuit missionaries (CNS)

Book review: American Jesuits and the World by John T McGreevy

Provo City Temple in Utah: Catholics and Mormons are 'united by a love of ritual' (Photo: AP)

Superficial similarity may hide more fundamental disagreements

A young man paints a portrait of Archbishop Oscar Arnulfo Romero as part of the preparations for the 35th anniversary of Romero's death in San Salvador, El Salvador (AP Photo/Salvador Melendez)

Blessed Oscar Romero was no political activist. As his country fell into chaos he remained a priest first and last

An Ethiopian church in Lake Tana: African culture has not always repressed women

A translation of ‘the first true biography of an African woman’ challenges lazy assumptions about the continent’s culture

Paleontologist Pierre Teilhard de Chardin examines a skull he found in China (AP)

How seriously should we take the French Jesuit as a Christian thinker?

A statue of ‘maverick’ Archbishop Mannix outside St Patrick’s Cathedral, Melbourne

In this superb biography of Archbishop Daniel Mannix , Brenda Niall delivers an even-handed assessment of her subject