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Madeleine Teahan

Madeleine Teahan is Associate Editor at the Catholic Herald and chairs the Catholic Herald Podcast Debates. Her special interests include euthanasia and assisted suicide. She is on Twitter as @MadeleineTeahan

Family synod: Cardinal Napier added to drafting committee

Cardinal Wilfrid Napier arriving at the synod (CNS)

Updated translation of mid-term report released by Vatican

Catholics permitted to eat meat on Boxing Day, say English and Welsh bishops

Catholics will be allowed to eat meat on Friday December 26, this year (PA)

Boxing Day this year falls on a Friday when Catholics are usually asked to abstain from meat

If the Pope agrees with Cardinal Kasper’s proposal, isn’t it time that we heard it straight from him?

Cardinal Kasper says that the Pope agrees with him on Communion for the divorced and re-married (PA)

The Church needs a leader now not a life coach

Cardinal: ‘I’d ask Rome to ordain married men’

The retired cardinal said married priests could solve the problem of priests shortages in some dioceses (©Mazur/

Cardinal Murphy-O’Connor added that celibacy had been a gift to the Church

Pope Emeritus joins pilgrims in St Peter’s Square

Pope Francis greets emeritus Pope Benedict XVI

Pope Francis embraced the 87 year-old

Benedict XVI to attend grandparents event in St Peter’s Square on Sunday

The Pope Emeritus will attend the event at the Vatican (PA)

Pope Emeritus will make his third public appearance

Pope Francis removes Opus Dei bishop

Pope Francis has removed a bishop for the second time (PA)

Pope Francis has removed Bishop Rogelio Ricardo Livieres Plano

Print Edition: September 26 2014

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This week we reveal which English bishop is urging the faithful to pray for the canonisation of a religious sister dubbed the “Saint of Soho.” Find out if Cardinal Renato Martino is worried abou the Family Synod, read about the Blessed who gave Hans Küng a big hug and Melanie McDonagh tells you what Albania […]

Communion for remarried would require a ‘radical rethink’, says Cardinal Nichols

Cardinal Nichols (Photo: PA)

The cardinal says he will go to the synod ‘intent on listening to what people have to say’

Lord Patten chairs first meeting of Vatican media commission

Lord Patten of Barnes (PA)

The commission will hold discussions over the next two days at the Pope’s residence