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Madeleine Teahan

Madeleine Teahan is Associate Editor at the Catholic Herald and chairs the Catholic Herald Podcast Debates. Her special interests include euthanasia and assisted suicide. She is on Twitter as @MadeleineTeahan

Students defy pro-abortion motion

Students at University College London will defy a motion which forces pro-life societies hosting discussions on abortion to invite a pro-choice speaker.

Archbishop: secularists are holding back the faithful

A delegation of British Ministers pictured with Archbishop Nichols in Rome (Photo: Cabinet Office)

Archbishop of Westminster says intolerance is preventing believers from contributing to Britain

Abuse victim to tell world’s bishops: ‘You’re in charge: it’s up to you to stop it’

Marie Collins: ‘I’d like to see the Church going back to the basics of what Christ said, and he did not teach that institutions are more important than little children’  (Photo: PA)

Marie Collins explains to Madeleine Teahan what she will say at an unprecedented gathering of bishops in Rome this week

Welsh leaders oppose ‘presumed consent’ for organ donations

Archbishop George Stack of Cardiff (Mazur/

Church leaders in Wales have criticised government plans to introduce presumed consent for organ donation.

‘When a child dies that’s really, really rough’

Fr Michael Shea with the first five children he cared for. The eldest is now training to be a lawyer, another is at college and the younger three are at school

Madeleine Teahan talks to Fr Michael Shea, a straight-talking American priest caring for the children of Aids sufferers in Thailand

Bishops to distribute cards to Catholics declaring their faith

One side of the card

Catholics across England and Wales are being encouraged to carry a ‘faith card’

Top barrister: students’ crackdown on abortion debate is Stalinist and illegal

University College London (Photo: PA)

Neil Addison accuses student union at University College London of ‘totalitarian intolerance’

Student union restricts talks on abortion

University College London, founded in 1826 (Tim Ireland/PA Wire)

Union at University College London compels pro-life groups to invite pro-abortion speakers to their discussions

Down’s Syndrome boy denied Communion, says mother

Catholic woman accuses Church of discrimination over disabled child

Priest describes moment cruise ship ran aground

Luxury cruise ship Costa Concordia hit a rocky outcrop off the Italian island of Giglio (Photo: PA)

Chaplain Fr Mallena, 70, prayed in the chapel and then rushed to save the Holy Eucharist and crew members’ valuables