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Brendan Carroll as Mrs Brown (BBC)

The corny but hilarious Irish sitcom depicts the Church as a natural part of everyday life

The Breadline 2016 by Muriel Brandt shows nuns feeding Dublin's poor

In the blaze of battle during the Easter Rising priests set up confessionals, took in the wounded and administered last rites

Author Atul Gawande tackles our confused thinking about mortality

Death is not always ‘a terrible tragedy’

Death in old age is a natural process which we must all eventually face

A child is carried by a rescue worker as migrants arrive on a boat at the Sicilian harbour of Pozzallo (CNS)

Now we owe even more to the Italians

Esteem for Italy’s heroic and altruistic rescue of hundreds of thousands of migrants has surely grown all over Europe

Crowds at New York's St Patrick's Day parade (CNS)

How did St Patrick’s Day become such a successful ‘brand’?

Tony Benn, who died this morning

A quarter of a century ago the Labour politician described how Nonconformism shaped him

The Queen has made 380 state visits over the course of her 59-year reign

Mary Kenny says that Queen Elizabeth II’s historic trip to the Republic of Ireland next week could be her most challenging state visit