Thu 23rd Oct 2014 | Last updated: Wed 22nd Oct 2014 at 18:57pm

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Last night’s prayer vigil for persecuted Christians was ecumenism at its very best

An Iraqi woman looks in a camp displaced Iraqis who fled from their towns after advances by Islamic militants take shelter in Najaf, Iraq (PA)

600 Christians came to intercede together before God for their persecuted middle-eastern brethren-in-Christ

‘This is how we are going to end abortion’

The March for Life in America. Bowman 
hoped to turn the British 
pro-life lobby into a mass movement for real change

Phyllis Bowman died a year ago but her vision of a mass movement safeguarding life should continue to inspire us

What’s the point of a debate that allows anti-Catholic prejudice to go unchallenged?

Pope Francis and the Catholic Church were the subject of an Intelligence Squared debate

Intelligence Squared discussion was nothing more than a ‘provincial talking shop for metropolitan middle-class London liberals’

Graphic images of abortion are profoundly counterproductive and damage the pro-life cause

Pro-lifers march in Madrid (Photo: CNS)

Displaying these images outside an abortuary may change the minds of some women, but they will alienate the general public

Five ways to lose the argument with atheists

Don’t stop to think what Pope Benedict might say if he were in your position (Photo: PA)

Next time you find yourself sucked into a debate with secularists be careful not to make these five classic mistakes, says Peter D Williams

How to argue against same-sex marriage

A wedding cake made by supporters of same-sex marriage depicts a male and a female couple (PA photo)

Peter D Williams says that the faithful can defend traditional marriage convincingly if we keep our language moderate and our tone light