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Pope Benedict XVI's comments on Aids and condoms have lit up the headlines (AP Photo/Alessandra Tarantino)

In fact, the Pope has merely confirmed what is already well established

Stem-cell researchers achieve a breakthrough, while Woman’s Hour hosts a head-to-head debate on abortion

David Cameron: suffering from the law of unintended consequences (Photo: PA)

Any student of psychology could have told you how it would play out

We remain, by a large majority, a Christian culture

Stephen Hawking says the laws of physics do away with the need for God (AP Photo/The Canadian Press, Dave Chidley)

Even if physicists had a Grand Theory of Everything, they could not solve creation

The rise in teenage pregnancies and sexually transmitted diseases among young people shows that the Government strategy is misdirected

A bishop administers the sacrament of Confirmation (CNS file photo/Chris Heisey, The Catholic Witness)

Let’s delay the sacrament until children are 16

Craig Venter (AP Photo/ Matt Houston)

So genetic nirvana is some way off yet