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Willy Herteller, who was Flemish, used to urge pilgrims to go to Confession and pray daily

The French island was isolated following exceptionally high tides

The copy of work on the theories of William of Ockham was found in a National Trust building

The House of Lords has defeated an attempt to block the legislation

Assyrian Christians appeal for help after at least 90 people were abducted from villages in the north-east of the country

The Catholic Bishops’ Conference of England and Wales has released a letter ahead of this year’s general election

Syrian Observatory for Human Rights said Assyrian Christians were taken after militants attacked villages

Rome on high alert with Islamic State just 300 miles from Italy

Fr Alexis Prem Kumar SJ was abducted by Taliban gunmen in June last year

The German chancellor traveled to the Vatican to discuss the upcoming G7 summit with the Pope