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The disfigured, kind-hearted saint

Announcement of Death to St Seraphina by St Gregory the Great, painted by Domenico Ghirlandaio

St Seraphina (March 12) was devoted to St Gregory the Great

Cardinal Turkson criticises Uganda’s anti-gay law

Cardinal Peter Turkson (PA)

‘Homosexuals are not criminals,’ says Ghanaian cardinal

Catholic Herald nominated for prize at 2014 Newspaper Awards

The 2014 Newspaper Awards ceremony will take place on April 1

Paper named in Niche Market Newspaper of the Year category for this year’s 2014 Newspaper Awards

Anglican marriage gurus to give talk at Catholic conference

The conference is being held at St Patrick's, Soho Square

Couple from Holy Trinity Brompton among speakers at conference at St Patrick’s, Soho

The saint who was raised as a pawn of political power games

St Agnes serves an invalid in this painting by the Bohemian Master of the year 1482

St Agnes of Bohemia (March 2) is honoured as the Saint of the overthrow of Communism

Benedict XVI dismisses ‘absurd’ resignation conspiracy theories

Benedict XVI greets Nigerian Cardinal Francis Arinze as he arrives at St Peter's Basilica on Saturday

Pope Emeritus responds to letter from Italian journalist

Pope Francis issues letter to families ahead of extraordinary synod

Pope Francis (AP)

Pontiff calls for prayers ahead of meeting of bishops in October

Francis names Cardinal Pell as head of new Vatican economy body

Cardinal Pell, centre, is one of Francis's eight cardinal advisers (CNS)

Archbishop of Sydney to oversee all financial operations of the Holy See

Cardinal Vincent Nichols receives red hat from Pope Francis

Cardinal Nichols receives the red hat (

Benedict XVI makes surprise first joint appearance with Francis at a liturgical ceremony

The saint who inspired a Harry Potter character

St Walburga (February 25) was educated by the nuns of Wimborne Abbey in Dorset