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Unborn babies were more likely to turn their heads in response to face-like shapes

80 percent of the church’s bishops and laity voted in favour of the change as well as 68 percent of the clergy

Archbishop Adams has previously served as an ambassador to Bangladesh, Zimbabwe, the Philippines and, most recently, Greece

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Clergy and faithful pledged to defend marriage, protect the rights of the unborn and resist “moral decay”.

Friends say that Ignacio Echeverria, who attacked a terrorist with a skateboard, was deeply committed to his faith

Asked whether Fr Sosa believed the Devil was an individual, the spokesman said he believes what the Church believes

Police warned the public to stay away

The Bishop of Marawi described the desecration as ‘blasphemy’ and ‘demonic’

Bishop John Arnold said public displays of resilience risked ‘throwing a blanket’ over a deeper desire to mourn for the victims