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Vatican cardinal says decision to legalise same-sex marriage reveals British Prime Minister’s ‘confusion’

Pope Francis celebrated Mass in Ciudad Juarez on the final day of his visit to Mexico

The Pontiff celebrates Mass at the Ciudad Juárez fairgrounds

Francis celebrated Mass at a stadium in Morelia on Tuesday

Video footage shows the Pope remonstrating with the person who caused the Pontiff to fall on to a child in a wheelchair

Pope Francis gave a speech to thousands of young people at a football stadium in the Mexican city of Morelia on Tuesday

The poems, The Shadow Man and Noel, were originally published in Our Lady’s School magazine in 1936

The Pontiff addressed a gathering families at his latest engagement on his papal visit to Mexico

Francis celebrated Mass at the Municipal Sport Centre in San Cristóbal de las Casas

The Secret Letters of Pope John Paul II aired on BBC One on Monday night