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In April, Cardinal Pell’s office said he would be continuing as Prefect of the Secretariat for the Economy for ‘the full five-year term’

In a video filmed in St Peter’s Square, Archbishop Anthony Apuron said he was a ‘victim of horrible calumnies’

Critics want Cardinal Antonio Cañizares charged with encouraging a criminal act

The Patriarchate of Constantinople say the meeting should go ahead, while the Moscow Patriarchate say a pre-Council meeting is needed

The cardinal said the transformation of the world begins in the family

The cardinal said that a priest who is always complaining about his troubles is ‘a counter-sign’

Bishop Paul Mason has been a hospital chaplain and pastoral director at Allen Hall seminary

The Vatican has approved the casting of Manchester United’s manager, according to reports

The charity provides a daily meal in school to more than 1.1 million children in 12 countries

St Joseph’s Bradford will host the traditional Mass at a time when more people can attend