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The bishopric has been sede vacante for three years

Lord Ahmad of Wimbledon is the first to hold the new role

Alina Dulgheriu needs to raise £50,000 to fight Ealing Council’s ban

The Bishop of Würzburg’s invitation goes well beyond previous statements from German bishops

Journalist Paolo Ruffini succeeds Mgr Dario Viganò in the Dicastery for Communication

Consecrated virgins vow to live in perpetual chastity, but ‘in the world’ rather than in a convent

The Archbishop of Adelaide also said he will not resign unless the appeal fails

Traditionalist priests now account for 20 per cent of ordinations in France

The litany focuses our minds on the Real Presence of Christ in the Precious Blood

The new series, titled ‘The New Pope’, will also star John Malkovich