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Christmas invites us to focus on the sign of the Child and to recognise him in the faces of little children

The prime minister praised ‘Christian values of love, service and compassion’

‘The faith we proclaim tonight makes us see God present in all those situations where we think he is absent’

A report claims he may have mismanaged Church funds and accepted hundreds of thousands of dollars from a university

Prominent officials in doctrine and financial reform have been removed in 2017

The Prince of Wales said he was ‘profoundly shocked’ to hear the persecution Christians had endured in the Middle East

Sarah Mullally was a surprise appointment as third most senior cleric in the Church of England

The Entertainer will let staff spend the day with their families

‘Why impose a morality that is no longer working and almost passé?’ he said

Lord Pearson says the government refused to answer when he asked whether stating religious belief could be ‘hate’