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Cardinal Sarah says the motu proprio does not substantially alter the authority of the Holy See on liturgical translations

Fianna Fáil members overwhelming opposed repeal of the Amendment which protects the right to life of the unborn

Fr Samaan Shehata was stabbed to death as he walked through a poor area of the city

Ann Widdecombe joins appeal for churches to commemorate eight million lives lost since 1967

Aid to the Church in Need accuses the international community of failing to take the situation seriously enough

The university said students would be able to ‘reflect’ on the band’s music during Mass

Other councils could now use Public Space Protection Orders to ban peaceful vigils

Sister Frances Ridler said the programme was an ‘honest portrayal’ of religious life and would be ‘good for the Church’

Fr Michael Dunne said the cycle route would cause more harm to the area than the Luftwaffe

Students at Balliol College condemned their representatives for ‘violation of religious freedom’