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Or are there some modern churches that really do inspire devotion and raise people’s spirits to God?

Benedict XVI talks about the signing of the document Africae Munus, a ‘road map’ for the Church in Africa, and about evangelisation

A compilation of some of the most striking scenes from the visit

Pope arrives in Benin

After a nearly six hour flight, the Pope arrived at Benin’s international airport, where he was greeted by president Thomas Yayi Boni and his wife Chantal. She welcomed the Pope in French by saying “Beloved Holy Father.”

Mario Monti met Benedict XVI earlier this morning

Print edition 18.11.11

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Is it primarily the fault of the Church or of the Catholics who have left it?

The Pope spoke about Psalm 110 during his general audience in St Peter’s Square

On December 7 Pope Benedict XVI will turn on the lights of this year’s largest Christmas tree near the Italian town of Gubbio with the touch of an iPad

The scene will be unveiled shortly before Christmas Day