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Sorry, Professor Milbank, Newman was no ecumenist

His advice to you would have been to become a (Roman) Catholic

The English Church is, actually, against the replacement of Trident

So why don’t the bishops intervene in the current debate?

Archbishop Vincent Nichols of Westminster (Mazur/

Fingers crossed: let’s hope it all goes somewhere

We  should become friends of the US, not ‘partners’

There has in recent years been far too much subservience

The Islamic Standard website

The resulting Islamophobia would be an even greater disaster

Pope Benedict is the object of widespread calumnies

The priority is to start the fightback over child abuse

Photo: PA

Van Rompuy is right: Turkey is not, and will never be, a part of Europe

The Cipriani in Venice

Is tourism the new world religion?

Yet again, it’s the season of long haul flights to paradise and of ‘holidays in hell’

Bishop Kieran Conry pictured with Pope Benedict XVI in January

When it comes to evangelisation, the two of them seem to be heading in opposite directions

Conrad Black is routinely described by the BBC as "disgraced" even though his conviction is likely to be set aside (Photo: PA)

But his enemies here will never accept his vindication, whatever the US Supreme Court says