The BBC’s campaign for abortion abroad

SIR – The case made by Robin Aitken (Feature, October 21) for challenging BBC bias on abortion coverage came soon after a piece on the BBC news, in which Reeta Chakrabarti visited Chile and interviewed several opponents of restrictions on abortion provision in this predominantly Catholic country. She also questioned the relevant government minister in an adversarial manner. The combined effect of these interviews left little doubt as to where the BBC stood on the issue and what the purpose of the visit was.

I subsequently complained to the BBC using the established procedures and asked how the expense of sending journalists to South America to investigate and challenge what was an internal domestic matter fell within the Corporation’s Charter responsibilities to “educate, inform and entertain”. This was clearly an attempt to target a country deemed by the BBC to be outside the “liberal norm” so as to expose it to external international pressure. I have yet to receive a reply but I am not holding my breath.

At this rate we can expect Northern Ireland and Poland to be on the BBC’s radar as part of their pro-abortion campaign.

I would urge Catholics to complain at this stance both to the BBC and their MP. If we remain silent we are merely cooperating in this deceit at the licence payers’ expense.

Yours faithfully,

Mark McNally

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