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Bishops from both Sudanese nations came together to call for forgiveness and understanding between sides

Church leaders have urged the South African government to reconsider their decision to leave the International Criminal Court

Politicians in the country have agreed to move a planned election to April 2018

Fr Graham Pugin was injured along with several others in a student protest

Pope Francis praised Vodafone’s charitable work but encouraged the company to provide access to religious texts

Going against protocol, the Pope waited in his library for President Joseph Kabila

The Pope called on Catholics in the African country to be ‘builders of peace’

Critics keep announcing the Church’s imminent demise. If only they realised that numbers have doubled since 1970 – and are still rising

Aid to the Church in Need is launching a campaign to support the training of 1,000 new priests

Mary’s Meals seeks funding in order to continue to provide meals for schoolchildren in the African country