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The number of euthanasia deaths in Switzerland rose by a third last year

The Archbishop of New York says seriously ill people require doctors who are ‘fully commited’ to their welfare

National and state-level votes suggest the hierarchy may be losing touch with its people

Anti-euthanasia campaigners believe assisted suicide is likely being underreported

Colorado will allow doctors to prescribe lethal substances to the terminally ill

A Christian nursing home in Switzerland must allow assisted suicide or lose its charitable status

Cardinal Gerald Lacroix of Quebec said he would not follow in the steps of other Canadian bishops

In modern society, fear of God has been replaced by fear of death

Bishops have issued pastoral guidelines for clergy dealing with Catholics who are considering euthanasia or assisted suicide

Objectors to assisted suicide law (PA/Andrew Milligan)

Judge Daniel Ottolia said it would cause ‘additional pain’ for patients if the bill was put on hold