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The shrine is designed to recall a particular Marian devotion held by the people of Shrewsbury before the Reformation

Bishops Philip Egan and Mark Davies said an ‘equalities agenda’ could lead to intolerance

But Bishop Davies said Catholics must welcome people who had difficulty identifying with their biological sex

Bishop Mark Davies has said that the struggle against abortion is a fight for Christian civilisation

Bishop Davies will say in a pastoral letter that the Church’s task is not only to point the way but to accompany each soul

Unlike the European Parliament and the United States, Britain has refused to acknowledge genocide by Islamic State

Bishop Mark Davies preached to clergy during the annual Chrism Mass yesterday

Bishop Davies urges pilgrims at Lourdes to lobby their MPs before the Bill is debated in September

Bishop Davies says a ‘growing number of voices’ want no faith in education

Bishop Davies says ‘culture of death’ today threatens those considered to be a financial burden