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His view contrasts with those of Dr Rowan Williams, who this week described the Big Society as a ‘painfully stale slogan’

This has been going on ever since the papal visit: long may it continue

Our bishops are generally holy men. But we ought to distinguish between private piety and the public office

Ascension Thursday and Feast of the Epiphany may be moved back to their traditional dates

It’s a big news day for Catholic geeks with the publication of the Instruction Universae ecclesiae and in Britain the results of the Bishops’ plenary meeting

Watch this space: if I’m right, that’s the kind of bishop we should now get

Bishops of England and Wales seek to map out aims for the next five to 10 years at a meeting that may lead to a shake-up of Eccleston Square

Archbishop Mennini, Apostolic Nuncio to Great Britain, addresses bishops at their plenary meeting in Hinsley Hall

Will it enhance the liturgical life of the Church, or is it just a lot of extra hassle for priests?

Secretary of liturgy committee says new text won’t provoke the same negative reactions in Britain as in Ireland and America