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Opponents of an assisted suicide bill rally on Parliament Hill in Ottawa, Ontario, last June. The bill was later passed (CNS)

The letter offers a ‘pastoral reflection’ on the challenges the assisted dying law poses to the Canadian Church

There were 262 reported euthanasia deaths in the first 7 months since Quebec legalised euthanasia (Flickr/ Alberto Biscalchin)

Anti-euthanasia campaigners believe assisted suicide is likely being underreported

Celebrity politician: Prime Minister Justin Trudeau and his wife, Sophie Grégoire (CNS)

The acceptable face of hardline secularism

Despite his Catholic background, Canada’s Justin Trudeau has neglected the elderly, the unborn and even the environment in favour of identity politics

The University of Toronto

After releasing a series of videos on political correctness, Jordan Peterson faced a firestorm of backlash

Bishop Douglas Crosby, president of the Canadian Conference of Catholic Bishops, speaks at the conference (CNS)

Bishops approve plans to deal with accusations of sexual assault and help abuse victims

Pope Francis and Shimon Peres meet at the Vatican (L'Osservatore Romano/Pool Photo via AP )

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An altar boy stands by a tent that serves as a church in Ulaan Baator, Mongolia (AP)

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Pro-life supporters carry a banner during the annual National March for Life on Parliament Hill in Ottawa (CNS)

Thousands took part in the annual National March for Life in Ottawa

Canada’s House of Commons in Ottawa

The legislation sets out conditions under which seriously ill and dying adults may seek medical help to end their lives

Pope Francis waves before reciting the Regina Coeli prayer yesterday (AP)

A daily guide to what’s happening in the Catholic Church