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The world’s biggest charity


No one helps the poor more than the Church. Here’s the evidence

The trouble with Wagner

The composer’s anti-Semitism has worrying echoes in today’s society

The statistics were released during the opening of a hearing of Australia’s Royal Commission into Institutional Responses to Child Sexual Abuse

The Joint Commission for Theological Dialogue announced a substantial agreement but healing the historic schism still requires plenty of work

A crackdown on drug-related crime has left more than 400 suspected dealers dead since President Duterte took office in June

Five Dallas police officers were killed by a gunman targeting police on July 7

During a recent trip to Bulgaria, I discovered a people in need of pastoral care, not theological squabbling

Acting on Pope Francis’s wishes, a Vatican official is in Cairo to visit al-Azhar University

Archbishop Kurtz said the Dallas sniper attack was ‘an act of unjustifiable evil’ and that members of the public need ‘protection and fairness’

The case of a woman who requested an abortion in 2013 has prompted scrutiny of the country’s law on abortion