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The Pope said that Scripture and prayer can give people the energy to help those in need

Pope Francis uses incense during a Lenten penance service in St Peter's Basilica

Pope Francis was one of 95 priests and bishops listening to confessions and granting absolution

You don’t need to get your story right. You just have to be honest

A priest hears a confession at Christ the King Church in Irondequoit, New York

With Humanae Vitae in mind, I have a couple of questions about Confession that need answering

The Church’s teaching has been consistent from the early Church to modern Popes. Last week’s events didn’t change it

Bishop Schneider said the document might lead to widespread confusion over doctrine and the sacraments

Archbishop Chaput said the working group was ‘very ad hoc’

Robert Spaemann said Communion was a ‘yes or no’ question and that the Pope’s document could lead to a schism

The priest in charge of Confession at Milan cathedral says there has been a growing “demand” for absolution and Communion