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Topic: David Cameron

Bishop John Joseph: A sacrifice never to be forgotten

16 years after the death of Bishop John Joseph, the Pakistani government still has much to do in order to protect Christians

Christians in Britain can no longer assume goodwill from the powerful – so here’s what we must do

Rather than retreat to the catacombs, we should confidently proclaim the stupendous truths of the Creed

Is anyone really that bothered by Britain being called a Christian country?

David Cameron’s comments seem to have irritated some high-profile atheists, but no imams

David Cameron already is doing something for persecuted Christians – making their plight worse

Britain’s foreign policy does nothing to help the persecuted Church

David Cameron: Christians are the most persecuted around the world

Prime minister says we must stand up for persecuted

The growing worldwide persecution of Christians shows that Samuel Huntington was right: if he was wrong, where are the protests from moderate Muslim opinion?

Predictions that after the end of the Cold War we would see a clash of civilisations between Islam and the West have been borne out by events

Come polling day we will not forgive our leaders for their silence over Egypt’s Christians

Sticking up for Christians is not something Britain’s ruling Coalition does

David Cameron has so much to learn from Hungary’s true conservatives

Hungary is governed according to the kind of conservatism that has vanished from British politics

Who will join Pope Francis in standing up for Syria’s Christians?

We must demand that our moralising, ineffectual political leaders take action

Cameron’s humiliation on Thursday was the price he paid for his arrogance and bad judgment: not only over Syria, but also over issues like gay marriage

Cameron has undermined the institution which is still the bedrock of society: and he will continue to pay the price