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Donald Trump campaigns at a Pennsylvania manufacturing company in August (AP)

In swing states where Romney lost, Trump’s economic programme had mass appeal

One of the articles featured compared Hillary Clinton to Satan (AP Photo/Andrew Harnik, File)

San Diego statement came after a parish bulletin warned that Catholics who voted Democrat risked damnation


Inside the Democrats’ Trojan Horse

Leaked emails show that Clinton’s right-hand man helped create Catholic front groups to inspire ‘revolution’. The fall-out is only just beginning

Anti-Brexit protesters outside 10 Downing Street (Photo: PA)

The way we think of left and right is a relic of the Cold War. Reality is catching up

Republican challenger Rick Santorum is one of two Catholics among the frontrunners to take on Barack Obama in the US presidential elections in November (PA)

Why the GOP is banking on Catholics

The Republican Party used to be the preserve of Anglo-Saxon Protestants, says Tim Stanley, but it no longer shuns the Catholic ‘hordes’