Thu 24th Apr 2014 | Last updated: Thu 24th Apr 2014 at 00:36am

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Topic: Extraordinary synod

Cardinal Kasper told cardinals: Church could tolerate some second marriages

Cardinal Kasper said Holy Communion could be a ‘lifeboat’ for those shipwrecked by sin

Cardinals say synod on family will seek to balance truth with God’s mercy

Cardinals Nichols and Napier speak after meetings with Pope Francis in Rome

Pope Francis issues letter to families ahead of extraordinary synod

Pontiff calls for prayers ahead of meeting of bishops in October

Bishops set out difficulties facing Japanese Catholics

Japanese Catholics make up less than one percent of the country’s population

We must put God back into marriage, says cardinal-designate

Archbishop Nichols has said that the Church has much more work to do in order to prepare couples for marriage

Irish bishops won’t release survey results

Vatican ordered worldwide survey on ‘Pastoral Challenges in the Family’ ahead of synod

16,500 respond to survey on family ahead of Extraordinary Synod

Details of questionnaire responses from Catholics in England and Wales will remain confidential

Simplified questionnaire on family life draws big response

One diocese’s survey draws 1,600 responses even though it is only available on request

About 5,000 people have filled in online survey, says bishops’ official

Archbishop Nichols says aim of survey is to ‘refresh’ the Church’s pastoral tradition

Be reassured: we are not being asked to decide Church teaching in an opinion poll

Cardinal Peter Erdo, a leading canon lawyer, says the Synod will be based on Church teaching, not public opinion