Thu 30th Oct 2014 | Last updated: Thu 30th Oct 2014 at 16:43pm

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Topic: family synod

Full text: Official translation of final synod report

Vatican release English version of report released at conclusion of synod on the family

Family synod: full text of Cardinal Nichols’s written intervention

Cardinal told synod fathers that mercy must ‘be the unmistakable culture of the Church’

The ‘media synod’ has eclipsed the real one

The main thrust of the synod’s message and final report was ignored by the secular media

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The post-Synod debate must not help foster a North-South divide

Any talk of a split between North and South is an attack on the Catholic nature of the Church

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Catholic Herald View: It’s too early to write off the synod as a failure

After an ugly and jarring fortnight, the synod fathers are now back on course

Well, Pope Francis, as Cardinal Burke implored, has now firmly upheld the depositum fidei: but has he let loose forces he can’t control?

But why is Cardinal Burke himself, the hero of the synod, being eased out? And what are these disquieting rumours about Cardinal Müller?

What would St John Paul II have made of the family synod?

During the synod we heard too much about failed marriages and too little about faithful marriages