Sat 25th Oct 2014 | Last updated: Fri 24th Oct 2014 at 18:39pm

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Topic: gay marriage

The word curiously absent from the gay marriage debate: children

It is hard to argue the case against gay marriage using the language of metropolitan liberals

Seventy per cent oppose gay marriage, poll finds

A ComRes poll reveals that seven out of 10 people oppose gay marriage

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Full text: English and Welsh bishops’ letter on same-sex marriage

Bishops urge Catholics to defend distinctive nature of marriage

Cardinal O’Brien: same-sex marriage would be a ‘great wrong’ like slavery

Cardinal O’Brien says repercussions of introducing gay marriage would be immense

This is a time for passionate language; Cardinal O’Brien and Dr Sentamu are right to speak as they do about gay ‘marriage’

It would be a disaster almost impossible to reverse: this is the time to put a stop to it

Who cares about the consequences of gay marriage?

The problem with same-sex marriage legislation is that it wishes to bring into reality something that cannot exist

Same-sex marriage is the logical conclusion to decades of divorce and infidelity

We have taken this institution for granted for too long. Now the Coalition is showing how vital and precious it is

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