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Redefining marriage has had unintended consequences

Ashers Bakery refused to make a cake with an image of Sesame Street’s Bert and Ernie and the phrase, ‘Support gay marriage’

Under the terms of the proposed ‘Cinderella law’ parents could face up to ten years in prison for ’emotional neglect’

Pope Francis gives exclusive interview to Jesuit priest

In the first of our interviews with prominent critics of the Church, the Stonewall chief executive explains his views on same-sex marriage, the adoption agencies and Soho Masses

The contribution of the Anglican bishops was feeble: what are they there for?

Protection for religious organisations and individuals is imperative, bishops insist

Historian shot himself in apparent protest at gay marriage

An official has said that any decision about sacking teachers who refuse to teach about same-sex marriage, ultimately rests with Strasbourg and not the Government

Equality legislation will certainly undermine the Government’s supposed guarantee