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The Pontiff made a speech to the leaders of the Council of the Evangelical Church in German

The group did not include Cardinal Gerhard Müller, who has said the practice is against God’s law

The extremists can’t resist a public platform. So let’s subject their ideas to real scrutiny

In a telegram to the Archbishop of Berlin, Pope Francis said ‘people of good will must fight the folly of terrorism’

The attack on a Christmas market in Berlin has killed 12 people and left a further 48 injured

Germany’s Catholic bishops have frequently condemned their country’s arms industry

The Church in Norway and Germany should keep their distance from the state

The meeting comes two years after Germany defeated Argentina in the World Cup final

The world champions will have a private audience during a ‘team building’ drive in Rome

A leap across the great divide

Thanks to astonishing ecumenical advances, Catholics can recognise – and even give thanks for – the witness of Martin Luther