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Pope Benedict XVI cites as evidence the adoration of 80,000 people at the Hyde Park vigil in September

Children from Surrey who attended the Hyde Park vigil last month make cards for the Pope

Archbishop Nichols also talks of being ‘engulfed by joy’ as he travelled with the Pope in the popemobile

Weybridge faithful enjoy vigil

Parishioners pictured at Hyde Park

Bishops’ conference to send out 3,000 images and candles as a legacy of the visit

Bishop Hollis describes papal visit as remarkable and says the Pope was shown in an ‘intensely pastoral light’

Liam McNally, one of the finalists from Britain’s Got Talent, performs at the vigil in Hyde Park

Papal Visit 2010: third day’s briefing

A summary of the big stories from the third day of the Papal Visit

Delivered at Hyde Park on Saturday, 18 September 2010

I’d better pull myself together and get with the programme