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Vatican II and the internet have brought consumer choice into churchgoing. Some see that as a danger – but with imaginative leadership, it could be an opportunity

Blessed are the bloggers

The internet has brought a golden age of evangelical opportunity. Atheists share the same soapbox – but that should not deter us

Facebook CEO Mark Zuckberg posted a welcome message to the Pontiff

Francis met Tim Cook, CEO of Apple, as his message for the World Day of Social Communications was released

A click away from meltdown


Hostile governments, criminals and pranksters are relentlessly attacking the Vatican’s computer systems. It may not be long before they breach its defences

The Proofreader blog has suggested supposed Vatican email addresses were in fact based in Canada and Virginia

Pope Francis discussed pizza, football and his daily routine in an interview with an Argentine newspaper

Religious congregations have found a creative new way of communicating their message

This day is a challenge for iPhone owners, bloggers and Facebook users

The night that inspired us to embark on one of the biggest changes in our 126-year history