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Pakistani Christian girl accused of blasphemy was whisked away by helicopter for her own safety

Christians in Syria are fleeing ‘ongoing ethnic cleansing’, according to Fides

Archbishop of Damascus says that Catholics say goodbye to each other after Mass, uncertain whether they will meet again

Archbishop Saldanha says that after the murder of Shahbaz Bhatti Christians are either leaving the country or keeping their mouth shut

Ann Widdecombe is to accuse Government of double standards over persecution of Christians and gay people abroad

Benedict XVI urges Egypt to work towards ‘respect for the freedom and dignity of every citizen’

Spokesman for Bishops of England and Wales says Holy See officials are working through ‘diplomatic channels’

Syria’s dictator has appointed a Greek Orthodox general as his new minister of defence: Christians may face retribution

I wonder why Brussels isn’t interested? Maybe it approves

Months after the revolution John Pontifex meets frightened Coptic Christians worshipping in secret