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During a recent trip to Bulgaria, I discovered a people in need of pastoral care, not theological squabbling

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Pope Francis has addressed a delegation from the Orthodox Ecumenical Patriarchate of Constantinople

The leaders said they hoped the Pan-Orthodox Council would become a regular event, taking place ‘every seven to 10 years’

Pope Francis sent a message of support ahead of the opening of the Pan-Orthodox Council

Patriarch Bartholomew urges fellow leaders to attend Pan-Orthodox Council

For some even the slightest change in relations with Rome will end up with tradition being swept away

The scholars said the council is ‘an opportunity to commence a new phase of Orthodox witness’

Francis believes the moment is ‘supremely important’ for Christian witness, says Bishop Farrell

The Patriarchate of Constantinople say the meeting should go ahead, while the Moscow Patriarchate say a pre-Council meeting is needed