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Topic: Papal Visit 2010

School hosts candle stand blessed by the Pope

The Towers Convent School hosts the Catholic Youth Ministry’s candle stand, which was blessed by Pope Benedict XVI last year

Morning Catholic must-reads: 04/04/11

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Debate: Six months on, what is the lasting legacy of the Pope’s visit to Britain?

Are Catholics still energised and renewed by the trip or has the momentum already been lost?

The papal visit gave a boost to Humanism

Catholics were thrilled by Pope Benedict XVI’s trip to Britain. A leading Humanist journalist tells Ed West that secularists were too

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Bishop Conry and Bishop Hollis have just proved how wrong I can be

The papal visit, says one, is an ‘outpouring of grace’; the ordinariate, says the other, a ‘journey of faith’: not what I would have predicted

Bishop Conry: Benedict XVI’s visit to Britain boosted his popularity

Bishop of Arundel and Brighton says Catholics are still talking about the papal visit and ‘the outpouring of grace that was witnessed’

Let’s take courage and hold a March for Life in Britain

Every year, hundreds of thousands of Americans gather in Washington DC on the anniversary of the Roe v Wade ruling. Imagine for a moment a similar event taking place in London

Record of papal visit delights Pope

Benedict XVI presented with official record of last year’s papal visit to Britain

Ten stories that are likely to define the coming year

The Catholic Herald predicts the big stories of 2011