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He was kidnapped four months ago by militants allied to ISIS

The video also shows jihadists ransacking a church in the Philippines

While the Church is opposed to drug-taking, brute force is not the answer

The bishops appealed for dialogue with Muslims ‘so that our various faiths may not be exploited and abused for the sake of terrorism or violent extremism’

Spreading ‘fake news’ and ‘alternative facts’ is a sin against charity, the Philippine bishops said

Officials have also urged people not to share the video, saying the militants sought to fan hatred between Christians and Muslims

The Bishop of Marawi described the desecration as ‘blasphemy’ and ‘demonic’

A Catholic priest is among those being held by the extremists in the southern city of Marawi

President Duterte declared martial law across the southern part of the country after Islamist militants stormed the city of Marawi

Fr Chito was kidnapped by Islamist militants last Tuesday along with at least a dozen worshippers and church workers