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Topic: Poland

Thieves admit to stealing relic of Blessed John Paul II

Venerated piece of fabric stained with the late Pope’s blood still missing

Cardinal defends publication of Blessed John Paul II’s private notebooks

Former personal secretary to the late Pontiff says that ‘it would be a crime to destroy’ the documents

When, next year, Benedict XVI’s predecessor is canonised, will he once more be spontaneously acclaimed as ‘John Paul the Great’? He will by me

Like Leo the Great and Gregory the Great, he both exerted geopolitical influence and reasserted the teaching authority of the Holy See

The pope who guided the Church into the new millennium

Blessed John Paul II (October 22) played a decisive role at the Second Vatican Council

Polish bishops apologise for clerical abuse

Bishops defend the Polish Church’s record on tackling abuse

The Girl Guides’ new oath – sincere secularism or juvenile ageism?

A dismissive attitude to older generations will not help the Guides movement prosper

The strange case of the Polish cleric who vanished

A brave priest’s disappearance still haunts Britain’s Poles

Polish and Ukrainian Church leaders pledge forgiveness over war deaths

Seventy years after massacres, archbishops call on people to ‘come together as brothers’

Poles will always be grateful for Thatcher

Radek Sikorski, Poland’s Minister of Foreign Affairs has described Thatcher’s fight against Communism as a “moral inspiration”

The ordinary Polish Catholics who brought down Communism

Communism never inspired love in a deeply faithful people