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John Hayes said that we have ‘lost our faith in beauty, because we have lost our faith in ideals’

The cardinal also said there was a danger of excessive focus on the Pope

The former pontiff also likened the Church to a boat that at times has ‘taken on so much water as to be on the verge of capsizing’

Despite predictions of chaos and division, Pope Benedict’s Motu Proprio has enriched the church

The cardinal said some criticisms of the former pope’s preface to his latest book were ‘diabolical and cover the Church with a mantle of sadness and shame’

The retired pope has given a rare endorsement of a serving Church official

Most of the great theologians have defended the principle of capital punishment. We’re in danger of forgetting why

The Vatican media operation has often gone so badly wrong that it created embarrassment which eventually became the story

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Scripture scholars had started to read the Bible as if it were simply a classic text. Benedict XVI helped to change that