Sun 26th Oct 2014 | Last updated: Fri 24th Oct 2014 at 18:39pm

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Topic: Pope Benedict XVI

Open the door to Christ, Benedict XVI says in Urbi et Orbi address

Pope says Christians should ask: ‘What would happen if Mary and Joseph were to knock at my door?’

Full text of Pope’s address to the Roman Curia

Benedict XVI gave annual pre-Christmas speech to the Curia today

Pope says in Financial Times article: Christians are compelled to resist incursions of state

Benedict XVI says Christians cannot collude with anything that undermines ‘noble vision of human destiny’

Being a mother is the greatest privilege of all

Athletes, authors and royals can agree that it’s the greatest job of all

Head of the CDF urges Catholics to welcome ordinariate converts

Archbishop Müller says members have often ‘sacrificed a great deal to be true to their consciences’

Pope tweets for the first time

His message: ‘Dear friends, I am pleased to get in touch with you through Twitter. Thank you for your generous response. I bless all of you from my heart.’

The National Catholic Reporter ‘quotes’ Newman in support of an anti-papal campaign. Why is it that liberals think that Newman was one of them?

Catholics, said Newman, are bound by the Pope’s formal teaching. If you don’t accept that, why do you stay?

Pope issues new rules to strengthen Catholic identity of charities

Benedict XVI says charities should not receive money from groups that ‘pursue ends contrary to the Church’s teaching’

Full text of Benedict XVI’s address to the Venerable English College

Pope speaks to staff and students of college on 650th anniversary

Pope joins Twitter

Holy Father will send his first tweet next week