Sat 25th Oct 2014 | Last updated: Fri 24th Oct 2014 at 18:39pm

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Topic: Pope Francis

Cardinal: see the goodness in lives of people who cohabit

Cardinal Nichols made the call in a pastoral letter to his diocese

The ‘media synod’ has eclipsed the real one

The main thrust of the synod’s message and final report was ignored by the secular media

Pope Francis: ‘Death penalty and life imprisonment should be abolished’

The Vatican recently eliminated life imprisonment from its own penal code.

Pope welcomes Bayern Munich to the Vatican

After beating Roma 7-1 in a Champions League match, players from Bayern Munich visited Pope Francis at the Vatican

All wars begin in a jealous heart; let go of pride, envy, pope says

The Pope told those at his general audience that a jealous heart is like acid

Vatican confirms Pope’s itinerary for Turkey visit

Pope Francis to visit Blue Mosque in Istanbul

Catholic Herald View: It’s too early to write off the synod as a failure

After an ugly and jarring fortnight, the synod fathers are now back on course

Well, Pope Francis, as Cardinal Burke implored, has now firmly upheld the depositum fidei: but has he let loose forces he can’t control?

But why is Cardinal Burke himself, the hero of the synod, being eased out? And what are these disquieting rumours about Cardinal Müller?

Blessed Pope Paul’s message: Truth does not come cheap, we have to suffer for it

If it comes to a choice between popularity and Truth, we must choose Truth every time

Pope: Iraq-Syria terrorism has reached ‘unimaginable proportions’

Pope Francis says situation of Christians in Middle East is ‘very close to my heart’