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Topic: Pope Francis

Both Benedict and Francis are holy men – but with naturally different personal styles

It does not rock the barque of Peter to put aside minor traditions

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Guardian columnist fundamentally misunderstand Liberation Theology

Full text of Pope Francis’s address to religious leaders

The Pope calls Ecumenical Patriarch Bartholomew ‘my Brother Andrew’

Is Pope Francis indeed a member of the Argentinian Chesterton Society? Maybe: but he has surely been inspired by Chesterton’s great work on St Francis

Much will no doubt emerge over the months ahead about the new Pope’s intellectual formation. But if Chesterton were not part of it, I would be astonished

The Pope must open his arms to protect all of God’s people, says Francis

At inauguration Mass, Pope Francis says: ‘We must not be afraid of goodness, of tenderness’

Pope Francis receives Fisherman’s Ring and papal pallium

The Pope received the pallium from protodeacon Cardinal Jean Louis Tauran, and the Fisherman’s Ring from Cardinal Angelo Sodano

Pope gets out of Popemobile to bless disabled man before inaugural Mass

Pope Francis greeted thousands of pilgrims as he arrived in St Peter’s Square on board the popemobile

Full text of Pope Francis’s inauguration homily

Homily given today at the inaugural Mass of the Petrine ministry